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Gavant Software is a certified AWS Consulting Partner with extensive experience helping organizations to adopt and accelerate their cloud strategy. Through collaborative co-creation and strong DevOps, we can deliver software applications with a reduced time-to-market and a lower total cost of ownership, enabling you to maximize the benefits of using AWS.

Cloud Migration

Migrate existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud from anywhere

Application Development

Develop cloud-native applications optimized to run at scale and update legacy systems


Deploy new applications and infrastructure for production and all SDLC environments


Automate your cloud infrastructure and pipeline to facilitate DevOps

Big Data

Stream, store, and process high volumes of data for customer-facing applications

Security & Governance

Ensure your data and deployment are secure and meet strict compliance guidelines
Moving to the Cloud

AWS Migration

Through AWS migration, businesses have rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. There’s no need for large upfront investments in hardware. And, there’s no heavy lift of managing that hardware. Instead, you can provision exactly what you need to operate your application. Best of all, AWS is designed to scale with the business.
Reduced operational costs
Increased IT staff productivity
Reduced downtime
Migration Strategies
Also known as "lift and shift", this AWS migration strategy moves applications without making any changes. Business can realize up to 30% savings, even without implementing cloud optimizations. This approach doesn't serve to simplify an overall infrastructure. However, applications are easier to optimize and re-architect once they're already running in the cloud.
Also known as "lift, tinker and shift", this AWS migration strategy incorporates optimizations for tangible benefits. For instance, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) can reduce time spent managing database instances. The core architecture of the application doesn't change. But, the maintenance and management of the application are greatly improved.
This AWS migration strategy reimagines how an application is built using cloud native services. Typically, this is driven by business needs for new features, integration, performance or scaling. For instance, migrating a monolithic architectures to a service-oriented or serverless architecture can drastically improve agility and business continuity.
The ``Frankenstein`` Cloud Software Application
Causes, Costs and Remedies
Modern Application Development

Serverless Solutions

Serverless technologies in AWS enable development of secure, highly scalable solutions that require no investment in technological infrastructure. The time reclaimed by eliminating infrastructure setup results in shorter time-to-market and lower overall cost.
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon API Gateway

Enables development of serverless APIs and microservices that can be run at high volume

AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda

Provides automatic scaling and provisioning for functions and self-contained applications

Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon DynamoDB

Offers scalable, fully-managed storage designed to provide low latency access to data

Amazon Aurora Serverless
Amazon Aurora Serverless

Offers on-demand, auto-scaling storage for intermittent or unpredictable workloads

Amazon S3
Amazon S3

Facilitates scalable and robust cloud storage of application data and user-generated content

Amazon CloudFront
Amazon CloudFront

Enables serverless applications to provide a fast and low-latency experience to end users

Transformational Data Analytics

Data Solutions

Data storage technologies in AWS simplify setup, operation and scaling of relational and non-relational data in the cloud. By automating database administration tasks, you can focus your budget on value-added functionality.
  • Data migration
  • Performance optimization
  • High availability & resiliency
  • Security & compliance
  • Backups & redundancy
Amazon RDS
Amazon RDS

Provides simplified setup, operation and scaling of relational databases in the cloud

AWS Database Migration Service
Database Migration Service

Helps you migrate databases and data warehouses to the cloud quickly and securely

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