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Industry Challenges
Continuous development of people and process is a key topic of services firms. As the technological landscape continues to evolve, these companies must re-think how to attract and retain customers, with automation and integration being key areas of focus.

Almost every product or service offered by these firms is enabled by technology. This partnership advances product offerings, addressing top industry challenges while elevating the customer experience.

Digital transformation and integration
Workforce management
Cybersecurity threats
Regulatory compliance and data privacy
Customer experience management
Development Partner

Where Gavant Fits

Below are some ways in which services companies have leveraged Gavant to address specific technology and development needs.

Prioritize Security

Protect sensitive data in legacy applications and achieve security by design in the cloud

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates like GDPR and security mandates like CCPA

Modernize Outdated Systems

Adapt legacy systems and processes to modern platforms and third party services

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Leverage modern cloud infrastructures to migrate core workloads and improve scale

Leverage Data

Manage large amounts of data and leverage analytics to make informed business decisions

Outsource For Agility

Leverage a robust development team who can navigate a rapidly changing landscape

Project Spotlight

Identity Verification

The client is a background investigation company. Gavant developed a web-based tool to facilitate background and age verification on individuals. This online service enabled paying customers to issue identity checks as needed for employment purposes and delivered electronic certificates of identification.

Project Spotlight

Facility Cleaning Strategy

The client is a cleaning and maintenance service company. Gavant built a specialized software platform to model the workflow of a cleaning strategy they use to service large facilities. The software enables customers to map their facility, define specs and build job cards that route service personnel through the facility during various shifts.

Project Spotlight

E-Discovery & Document Retention

The client is an e-discovery software company. Gavant built a sophisticated software platform to facilitate comprehensive Information Governance, which encompasses all aspects of information management, including information accessibility, reliability, security, privacy, retention, destruction, preservation and collection.

Project Spotlight

Order Entry

The client is a swimming pool manufacturer with an engineer-to-order (ETO) and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturing division. Gavant built a custom order entry interface for ETO/MTO product lines with business logic that recognized the interdependencies of materials and application, including a design management tool that facilitated exponential growth in custom orders. The result was improved quoting accuracy, billing accuracy, throughput speed and customer satisfaction.

Project Spotlight

Weather Mapping

The client is a weather forecasting provider. Gavant modernized and rewrote a software system that enables fast access/viewing of weather and marine data with optimum route calculation. Built for both Windows and Mac platforms, this product runs directly on a ship’s computer to provide tools required for safe and efficient transit.

Identity Verification
Facility Cleaning Strategy
E-Discovery & Document Retention
Order Entry
Weather Mapping


Client Success
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