About Gavant

We’re about developing great software that enables our clients to innovate

About Our Purpose

Our Client's Vision is Our Purpose
Our clients must balance simultaneous mandates. They need to drive productivity and efficiency to cope with market and economic pressure. Simultaneously, they need to distinguish their value in a competitive landscape and identify new areas of opportunity.

Gavant helps organizations respond to these transformative forces by leveraging the SMAC technology architecture (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) to address key challenges and opportunities.

Digital Transformation empowers employees, engages customers, transforms products, and optimizes operations.


We help clients identify better ways to interact with their customers, employees and partners. We streamline workflows to create a more engaging user experience.


We help clients imagine a better way to engage their customers – anytime, anywhere, from any device. We look at trending technology topics and plan to be ready.


We help clients implement solutions that embrace the transformative landscape brought on by social networks, mobile devices, analytics and cloud computing.

About Our People

Technology Experts
Gavant’s team brings together tremendously talented individuals, spanning the many disciplines required for modern software development, including analysts, project managers, designers, developers, engineers and testers.

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, serving as the cornerstone to be a great team that delivers great outcomes for our clients.


See things from another’s point of view


Be intentional in your pursuit to do better


Make the client’s journey simple and frictionless

About Our Process

Decisions Driven By Data
A client-first mindset drives every conversation, from determining alignment on the very first meeting to defining requirements for a new release. Behind the scenes, we employ multiple strategies for mitigating risk and tailoring SDLC best practices with unique client needs.


Good listening, along with critical thinking and analysis, leads to deep understanding of the organization, its environment and its business


We engender collaboration among a cross-functional team involving various departments within the organization and levels in the organizational hierarchy


We analyze the actual problem and gain a deep understanding of possible solutions – only then can we offer recommendations that align with future goals

It's About Efficiency

Process steps like retros hold us accountable for how well a release went. This enables an iterative approach to improved efficiency, which lowers overhead and cost.

It's About Quality

Through peer code reviews and collaborative documentation, we can ensure high quality standards and facilitate redundancy across other members of the team.

It's About Communication

A relentless pursuit of alignment ensures feedback is collected at every step of the process. This is the cornerstone for delivering on expectation, on time, and on budget.
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  • Purpose, aligned directly with your vision
  • People, the best and brightest in the industry
  • Process, hardened by over 20 years of operation