Scheduling and routing for commercial cleaning

The client is a leader in the janitorial service industry, with over 50 years of commercial cleaning experience in offices, industrial settings, schools, medical facilities, and cleanrooms. The science behind a healthy, clean environment never stops advancing, and their approach to commercial cleaning employs the best people and technology to deliver the highest quality outcomes for their clients.


The organization relied on spreadsheets and loosely coupled software packages to identify the cleanable square footage of a facility, define service specifications and schedules, and route staff through the space. The science behind their system of cleaning was sound and highly efficient, but the planning process was manual and incredibly time consuming. In an incredibly competitive industry that’s burdened with unusually high turnover, they needed a way to automate and simplify the work loading process.

Gavant Solution

Gavant conducted a collaborative and comprehensive review of the science and the processes behind their cleaning system and built a software platform on AWS to model and automate the workflows. It enabled users to upload and draw on floor plans to quickly capture cleanable space and auto-calculate cleanable square footage. Additionally the user could build cleaning specs, assign and schedule staff, and print job cards that facilitated coordination and training for front-line cleaners and specialists.


The solution was transformative in educating staff and personnel on the client’s high-performance cleaning strategy. Job cards alone saved 40% of training time for front-line cleaners, which was significant given the industry’s standard turnover. For estimates and planning, the time needed to work load the space reduced by 50%. Visibility and input across the team was significant improved, with operations managers participating earlier in the process and automated job approvals ensuring accountability and oversight for higher-level execs.