Utility expense management and rebilling

The client provides utility expense management services to energy, waste removal, telecom, and cellular companies. These services aim to reduce utility expenses, covering utility invoice review, utility bill payment and processing, utility data analysis and energy procurement. Managing this data is a time-consuming challenge, especially when the organization operates multiple locations and facilities.


Client was receiving a monthly feed of utility bills, each containing charges across a couple hundred end-user companies. They needed to allocate those charges to the correct end-user company and generate prorated monthly invoices to rebill those charges. Expecting 4,000 transactions and 180 invoices per month, they quickly realized the need to automate most of that workflow.

Gavant Solution

Gavant built a new software platform on AWS to enable client’s employees to manage monthly rebilling. Staff users can upload large source files containing utility expense data and map that data to the correct end-user companies for billing. From there, the system manages automatic generation and scheduled delivery of invoices. Users are additionally empowered with features like reporting, reconciliation, and billing system integration.


The new system reduced a manual, error-prone operation that consumed two full time employees down to a handful of hours each month, saving overall processing time and personnel-related expenses. At the time of this writing, monthly imported transactions have increased 58% and monthly generated invoices have increased 48%. The significant uptick in utilization was completely absorbed by the automation.