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Your business is unique and you need a technology partner that speaks your language. We use a highly collaborative and consultative process to fully understand your vision. And we draw from an experienced team of expert developers and engineers to align with that vision and execute on it.

Digital Platform Modernization

Digital platform modernization realigns your tools and systems with current business processes and modern customer expectations. We make legacy software platforms look better and run faster, more securely and less expensively.

  • Increase security
  • Reduce expenses
  • Lower tech debt
  • Be future ready
Regulatory Compliance for Pharmaceuticals Sales - Services Case Study

Regulatory compliance for pharmaceuticals sales

The client is a consulting firm that specializes in regulatory compliance and legal services for life sciences companies. They provide guidance and support to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies in navigating complex regulations, compliance matters, market access strategies, and high-risk engagements in jurisdictions around...
Benefit Plan Administration - Financial Services Case Study

Retirement and fringe benefit plan administration

The client provides highly specialized employee benefit plan designs for construction companies and contractors that work for federal, state and local governments. Often those contracts include regulations (i.e. Davis Bacon Act, State prevailing wage laws) that mandate workers receive prevailing wages and benefits. This presents...

Software Development

We enable companies to control software development and delivery functions with less cost and better performance than an in-house staff.

  • Scale team up or down
  • Access diverse skillsets
  • Delegate accountability
  • Manage costs
Prescription Drug Transparency and Cost Reduction - Healthcare Case Study

Prescription drug transparency and cost reduction

The client provides a digital pharmacy platform connecting payers, providers, pharmacy, and patients to manage costs and improve the healthcare experience. Prescription drug transparency drives efficiencies, maximizes savings, and above all—supports the health and well-being of people. With prescriptions alone representing over 30 percent of...

Custom Software

Custom software enables tight alignment between the processes that differentiate your business and the tools people need to execute those workflows. We build tailored software systems that drive efficiency and automation.

  • Empower employees
  • Engage customers
  • Transform products and workflows
  • Optimize operations
Utility Expense Management - Financial Services Case Study

Utility expense management and rebilling

The client provides utility expense management services to energy, waste removal, telecom, and cellular companies. These services aim to reduce utility expenses, covering utility invoice review, utility bill payment and processing, utility data analysis and energy procurement. Managing this data is a time-consuming challenge, especially...
Scheduling and Routing for Commercial Cleaning - Services Case Study

Scheduling and routing for commercial cleaning

The client is a leader in the janitorial service industry, with over 50 years of commercial cleaning experience in offices, industrial settings, schools, medical facilities, and cleanrooms. The science behind a healthy, clean environment never stops advancing, and their approach to commercial cleaning employs the...
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