Software Department as a Service

Software Department as a Service is a modern alternative to an in-house development team

Hire the Right Team

Software Department as a Service

We enable companies to control software development and delivery functions with less cost and better performance than an in-house staff.

Access Diverse Skillsets

Have access to all the specialized disciplines required of a modern software development team

Scale Team Up & Down

Scale resources up or down to meet fluctuating workloads and dynamic business needs

Delegate Accountability

Let an outside entity be accountable for delivering secure systems aligned with business goals

Manage Costs

Enable expense to fluctuate in direct proportion with the value created by team resources

Offload Training

Avoid constant investment in new staff training brought on by heightened levels of turnover

Maintain Continuity

Ensure knowledge and familiarity of systems are maintained with no gap in day-to-day support

Find the Right People

Modern & Relevant Skillsets

It's not possible for a single individual to have all the skillsets needed for an average system. Software development is complex and a modern development team contains many specialties.

  • Frontend Designers & UI/UX Developers
  • API & Database Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • QA Testers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers

Imagine having access to all those disciplines for just a fraction of the expense.

Fractional Individuals

Split time across multiple disciplines for an extraordinary degree of cost effectiveness, flexibility and control

Find the Right Value

Better Cost Management

Software Department as a Service really shines when you consider the evolution of a software system and the roles that are needed along the way.

Roles ebb and flow

For instance, the need for a Business Analyst is high in the beginning and falls away as development begins. In contrast, the need for QA Tester is minimal in the beginning but builds steadily to a peak as delivery approaches.

Roles are not equal

For instance, one Developer doesn't warrant one QA Tester. In practice, depending on the complexity and stage of the product, the ratio of Developer to QA Tester ranges anywhere from 5:1 to 2:1. Other roles have similar ratios.

The right partner can dial costs down to zero throughout the release cycle when those roles aren't in use.

Outsourced team efficiency
Reclaimed staffing/training time
Overall cost savings

How Much Value

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  • What are my developers doing?
  • Is this software progressing or staying afloat?
  • Can my team take the system where it needs to go?