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Outsource your .NET development projects with a leading company in software development.

Software Engineering

.NET Development

Gavant Software’s .NET development team can help you with any software development challenge. Whether you need to modernize an older system running on .NET or you want custom software created using the .NET tech stack, we can help.

We take custom software development seriously, helping businesses realize that rather than working with a run-of-the-mill, sold-as-seen solution that only sort of solves the business problem, we’re skilled at taking your needs and turning it into software that fully fits your company’s requirements.

The Right Choice

Why Use .NET

.NET has been an industry standard for decades, lauded by Microsoft and the business world due to its resiliency and its convenience of integration with other technologies.

In addition to allowing for integration with other apps, .NET is cloud-ready, meaning that you, your employees, and your customers can access what they need whenever and wherever they are. There’s a lot of support from the Microsoft stack of languages, making it easy to provide businesses with all of the features they need and want, while keeping current workflows in place.

Talent and Expertise

Experienced .NET Development Team

It’s not enough to have code that gets the job done – your software needs to be built with tools that make it easy to not only meet current software needs but also allow easy adaptation to future business requirements.

One of the big problems we see when we’re modernizing software solutions for our clients is that the original software was created only with siloed needs in mind – and it’s not a good fit for what the company needs in the bigger picture.

Getting quality code now saves you money in the future. The software solutions we deliver for our customers provide the functions that businesses want now – and the scalability they’ll need for the future.

Best Practices

Enhanced Compatibility

.NET is just part of the Microsoft development tech stack of software. We can use .NET to integrate your custom software solution with the applications you already use and are familiar with. This helps to streamline your workflows and simplify the training process on your projects.

In addition, we can modernize legacy applications written in .NET so that they are in-line with current needs and business best practices. We can even migrate your .NET software to the cloud to help allow for tomorrow’s workflows.

Future Proof

Be Ready for Mobile, IoT, Big Data and AI

.NET allows for secure software applications on any device, access and real-time response in IoT applications, the ability to compile big data, and AI-compatibility including intelligent search and intent analysis.

Let us develop your next software solution and take your company into the future with .NET technologies.

Contemporary Experience
Seemless Web Integration

You don’t need to toggle between multiple applications to get the functionality you want (and need). Instead, we can use our tools to ensure that your applications integrate seamlessly with your workflow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a software solution that didn’t require you to open several windows and tabs? Get contemporary applications that allow you to carry out all your business’s processes more quickly – leading to greater levels of productivity.

Imagine a better way. Let's discuss your project needs.