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This library of resources will provide insight into business factors driving technology in the workplace as well as success stories for solutions we've provided across industries to help our clients innovate.

6 Reasons It’s Time for New Software

As your business environment changes, so too do your software needs. If one or more of the following descriptions can be said about your current software system, it may be time to start thinking about system modernization or new custom software development. 1. Your current…

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Leapfrog Competitors to the Manufacturing Fast Track

Manufacturing has been a magnet for technology and engineering since the dawn of time. But today’s technologies of 3D Printing, Advanced Materials, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Automated Intelligence (AI), and Nanotechnology are poised to re-shape tomorrow’s globally competitive landscape. These leading technologies are…

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Is It Time for New Software?

As your business environment changes, so too do your software needs. Whether your current solution is misaligned with today’s demands or is at risk due to concerns regarding compliance with industry standards and regulations, a common thread exists: the software has room for improvement. A deficient system sacrifices not only performance, but your company’s…

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7 Reasons Your Startup Needs An MVP

Businesses face many challenges in establishing success and making their products available to the desired audience; software shouldn’t be one of these challenges, although it often is. Utilizing a minimum viable product as part of your custom software solution can help ensure the project ultimately…

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Custom Software Development Done Right

As users of business software, we’re too familiar with the aches and pains of assimilating our daily work activity into a computer system. To most users, computers are a necessary evil to getting work done. Systems increasingly slow us down and take more from us…

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