System Modernization

There’s a reason big software companies release regular updates to their software: It helps keep the entire system secure. Many companies have legacy systems and legacy software that they continue to use even though the software no longer works for them.

System modernization is a key component to successful digitization of a company’s system. Gavant Software can upgrade, rewrite, and even re-architect your legacy software to improve system performance and enterprise security.

Don’t lose the time and financial commitment you’ve already put into your enterprise’s legacy software systems. There are a variety of custom software development solutions that will allow for software modernization, while preventing the loss of data stored in your company’s IT systems.

What is a Legacy System?

Transforming Technology

When you’re using software or an operating system that is outdated, but is still widely used in your company, it’s considered a legacy system. Even though it’s outdated, it’s still useful to you. The problem with legacy systems is that they’re not only inefficient but they often have security holes leaving them vulnerable to privacy breaches and hacking.

The Advantages of System Modernization

Modernizing IT

There are many advantages to modernizing legacy systems. The biggest advantage is that your system will be more secure, leaving you much less vulnerable to the kinds of cyber-attacks that lead to bad publicity and development of poor reputation.

Moreover, system modernization improves the user-interface, meaning that your employees can be more efficient and more productive with their time.

The System Modernization Process

Innovative Systems

When you choose to have your system upgraded, rewritten, or re-engineered for better performance, you wind up with a custom software solution tailor-made for your business’s needs.

One method we use takes your legacy system and works with the existing code to create a platform for accessing that software through the new user interface and experience.

A second method for modernizing legacy software involves rearchitecting your software, meaning that we create a new architecture for the application to create better functionality and a better user interface. A third method of system modernization involves redesigning or rewriting the software from scratch to perform the same functions but with a greater range of functionality.

Make the Best of Your Previous Investment

Redefining Business

Your legacy system played a big role in the development in your company and your business processes. In fact, it’s probably the case that your company’s IT is dependent upon legacy software functioning well.

Rather than investing time and money in learning a new system and transferring all of your databases into that system, allowing Gavant Software to aid you in system modernization can save money and time.

We have a variety of techniques that allow us to integrate legacy systems into modern environments, creating a software architecture that protects the already-invested in systems.

Let Gavant Help Modernize Your Systems Today

Don’t leave holes in your company’s software. Let us go through and update, re-write, or re-architect your already existing legacy software so that you have a tailor-made software solution preserving and securing your important files.


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