Software Modernization

Legacy software modernization that enhances visibility and performance in the enterprise

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Software Modernization

Gavant Software can upgrade, rewrite and re-architect out-dated software systems for improved performance, visibility and control of enterprise activities. Legacy software modernization realigns mission critical tools and systems with current and future business priorities. It enables your people to be more efficient by simplifying workflows. And, it serves your customers by empowering them with direct access to your services.

A software assessment can provide objective insight to determine what business value software modernization might have. Here are some questions to consider.

  • How easy is it for you to maintain your system?
  • Are your people getting things done efficiently?
  • Does your software reflect your business process?
  • Are you vulnerable to industry challenges or threats?
  • Are your business systems future ready?
A Better Approach

Modern Software Architecture

Tech debt is expensive, whether measured by cost or time. Technology evolves and businesses must be vigilant if they're to remain ahead of the curve.

But is this a vicious cycle? Not necessarily. Modern software systems incorporate microservices, which enable components to be isolated, rebuilt, redeployed and managed independently, mitigating impact of any one component on the larger system. This enables great flexibility in adapting to change in a way that can't be achieved with a monolithic system.

A Better Outcome

Software Modernization Strategy

Focus on Business Need

Legacy software keeps alive those old ways of doing things that are no longer needed. Software modernization enables the removal of components that no longer play a role, which streamlines the user experience and reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Focus on Business Value

Gavant draws from a deep bench of frameworks and foundational components to get an application up and running quickly. This gives software modernization an easy edge over the long term pain of maintaining legacy software.

Build for your business

We ask and listen. We get what you do. Then, we build the solution you need.

Build with a purpose

We leverage technology to meet measurable goals and deliverables.

Build to last

We demand quality and deliver on the highest expectations.

Case Study

Diagnostic Assessment

The client is a college. Gavant built a diagnostic assessment designed to help students transition to college. The software provides personalized feedback about students' strengths and weaknesses in terms of key academic and self-regulated learning skills, linking them to the resources to help them be successful students.

Case Study

Research Platform

The client is a specialized asset management and advisory firm. Gavant developed an extensive front-middle-back office platform that aimed to improve the investment process while facilitating collaboration of research, buying power and technology. The solution provided workflow tools that streamlined the cost of investment execution.

Case Study

Medical Practice Management

The client is a medical billing and healthcare software company. Gavant built a new product offering for medical practices to manage their services and related billing. The solution provided comprehensive tools for medical transcription, patient service tracking, record management and insurance claim tracking.

Case Study

Custom Order Entry

The client is a swimming pool manufacturer with an engineer-to-order (ETO) and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturing division. Gavant built a custom order entry interface for ETO/MTO product lines with business logic that recognized the interdependencies of materials and application, including a design management tool that facilitated exponential growth in custom orders. The result was improved quoting accuracy, billing accuracy, throughput speed and customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Music Asset Catalog

The client is a global provider of premium stock images and video. Gavant built out a full integration of music assets into their existing platform, complete with audio preview, transcoding, bundled licensing and payment checkout. The end result was a fluid user experience for consumers of multimedia content licensing and purchase.

Diagnostic Assessment
Research Platform
Medical Practice Management
Order Entry
Music Asset Catalog

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