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Software Development

Gavant Software has experienced people and a proven process for high quality software development. And, we can fully manage that project from end to end. Whether scaling an internal team or looking to outsource, we have the talent and capacity to deliver results.

Discovery & Analysis

Strong requirements and planning are essential to delivering a successful software project. To achieve that, Gavant works with stakeholders to identify user personas and the functions they need to perform. The process mitigates risk by aligning scope with business objectives. As a result, the strategy aligns development and delivery with business priorities.

Design & User Experience

Design is so much more than what the software looks like. It's how the user navigates through the app and interacts with the content. Sketches and wireframes help to illustrate the vision and give clarity to the requirements. Once complete, both sides have established solid expectations about what done looks like for a delivered project. As a result, there's no surprises.

Architecture & Data

Modern software requires a robust architecture that ensures scalability, security, privacy, extensibility and maintainability. As an AWS partner, we build software on a world-class infrastructure. This platform promotes continuous learning for staying current with evolving trends in software development. In short, the comprehensive tools and services enable us to code quickly and efficiently.


Software development today requires talent across multiple disciplines. For instance, a typical web app needs frontend programming, API programming, and database design. Gavant draws from a deep bench of experienced engineers that use industry-standard design patterns, frameworks and libraries. Always forward looking, we build for today and plan for tomorrow.

QA & Testing

High quality begins in programming and so unit testing serves a critical role right up front. Augmenting that, Gavant has a team of QA engineers to incorporate a mix of manual and automated testing. This includes browser and device compatibility testing across all major platforms. Beyond functional testing, we focus on performance, security, compatibility and accessibility.

Support & Maintenance

Gavant offers a variety of ongoing support and maintenance programs that align with business priorities. We provide access to a ticket system, where support personnel can engage with users to work through issues. Additionally, we support reactive and proactive maintenance of the hosting environment and serve as the responsible party when something unexpected takes place.


As an AWS partner, we fully manage and maintain the infrastructure across all environments - development, candidate, staging and production. We set up comprehensive monitoring and alerts so that we can respond to service incidents as fast as possible. Beyond that, we maintain the source code and CI pipeline to facilitate ongoing delivery of new features.

Use the Right Approach

Project Management

Strong project management is a cornerstone of successful software development. There's a variety of frameworks and some are more trendy than others. But, the fact is that each of them has merits and each project is unique. Gavant's unique process combines elements from these frameworks in a way that can easily adapt based on client needs. It's a disciplined approach centered on a few specific tenets.

Be Agile

Requirements will evolve and not everything can be known up front. A strong process will embrace that and make room for trade-offs.

Get Feedback

Feedback from stakeholders is critical. An iterative approach enables users to test early and often, ensuring no surprises in the end.

Deliver Value

There must be a goal and a means to measure progress toward it. Focus on the objective and deliver value with every developed feature.

Use the Right Tools


Here's a sampling of the technologies and frameworks we use on a regular basis. It's by no means an exhaustive list and every project is unique. But, the art of software development is being versatile and selecting the right tools for the job.




React Native
Device Farm


.NET / C#
API Gateway


SQL Server


Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure
Nginx / Apache / IIS


AWS Lambda
X-Ray / Splunk
Elastic Beanstalk

Case Study

Diagnostic Assessment

The client is a college. Gavant built a diagnostic assessment designed to help students transition to college. The software provides personalized feedback about students' strengths and weaknesses in terms of key academic and self-regulated learning skills, linking them to the resources to help them be successful students.

Case Study

Research Platform

The client is a specialized asset management and advisory firm. Gavant developed an extensive front-middle-back office platform that aimed to improve the investment process while facilitating collaboration of research, buying power and technology. The solution provided workflow tools that streamlined the cost of investment execution.

Case Study

Medical Practice Management

The client is a medical billing and healthcare software company. Gavant built a new product offering for medical practices to manage their services and related billing. The solution provided comprehensive tools for medical transcription, patient service tracking, record management and insurance claim tracking.

Case Study

Custom Order Entry

The client is a swimming pool manufacturer with an engineer-to-order (ETO) and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturing division. Gavant built a custom order entry interface for ETO/MTO product lines with business logic that recognized the interdependencies of materials and application, including a design management tool that facilitated exponential growth in custom orders. The result was improved quoting accuracy, billing accuracy, throughput speed and customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Music Asset Catalog

The client is a global provider of premium stock images and video. Gavant built out a full integration of music assets into their existing platform, complete with audio preview, transcoding, bundled licensing and payment checkout. The end result was a fluid user experience for consumers of multimedia content licensing and purchase.

Diagnostic Assessment
Research Platform
Medical Practice Management
Order Entry
Music Asset Catalog

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