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Cutting Edge Software Development

Web Development

Web development projects include content management systems, customer databases and much more. They're available 24/7 and anywhere there's an Internet connection. As such, customers can access these web applications using any web browser on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Java Software Development

Software solutions written with Java are platform-independent. They can run on Linux, Mac, Windows and Android platforms. Built with security and modularity in mind, Java is a mainstay in enterprise software systems that require robust architecture and distributed computing.

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.NET Software Development

Software solutions written with .NET can target a variety of platforms, including web, mobile and desktop. The .NET framework has a massive community and robust architecture. This makes it an easy choice for enterprise software systems with mission critical needs.

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Ember.js Development

Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript framework. It allows web developers to create sophisticated single page applications (SPAs). Companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, Zendesk, Square and others rely on Ember.js to enable developers to build high-quality web applications using less code and fewer resources.

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We Cover Every Development Need

While the four mentioned here are major development languages that can revolutionize your own software and system requirements, we cover these and so much more. At Gavant we have experts who can design and develop systems in every major code, for every need from desktop to mobile.

Web Development
Java Development
.NET Development
Ember.js Development
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What We Do

Full Cycle Software Development

Your requirements might be fully fleshed out or still taking shape. Whichever the case, we ask the right questions to understand the objectives. As a result, we can meet the client's needs and provide lasting value.

Accurate requirements are essential to developing high performance software. Gavant partners with your stakeholders to get the requirements right. This involves translating business expectations to functional expectations. As a result, the team can deliver on high expectations of performance, scalability, usability and maintainability.

Functional requirements drive the design process. Here, we focus on aesthetic design and the user experience. Sketches and wireframes help to illustrate the vision and give clarity to the requirements. As a result, both sides have a good definition of what a successful outcome looks like.

Our team of software engineers and front-end developers work together to build the solution. Software systems require diverse technologies. To accommodate this, we draw from a deep bench of experience in database development, API development, web development and mobile app development.

Gavant Software uses a mix of unit testing, manual testing and automated testing. When combined with strong communication and process, this ensures the highest quality outcome.

The first hours and days after a system is deployed “live” are critical. Consequently, the Gavant team stands ready to respond. As business conditions and needs continue to evolve, we adapt the solution to fit the future state.

How We Do It

Agile and DevOps

Shorten the Feedback Loop

Incorporating input and feedback from users is critical to developing software that delivers business value. An iterative approach enables clients to test early and often, ensuring a successful outcome.

Agile All the Way

An agile philosophy extends beyond development of the software. Continuous delivery and automation requires cross-functional teams. This offers team members more immediate feedback - another means to shortening the cycle.

Focus on Business Value

There must be a goal and a means to measure progress toward it. The ultimate purpose of every developed feature is to provide value to the client’s business, helping them either to increase efficiency or engage their own customers more deeply.

Case Study

Diagnostic Assessment

The client is a college. Gavant built a diagnostic assessment designed to help students transition to college. The software provides personalized feedback about students' strengths and weaknesses in terms of key academic and self-regulated learning skills, linking them to the resources to help them be successful students.

Case Study

Research Platform

The client is a specialized asset management and advisory firm. Gavant developed an extensive front-middle-back office platform that aimed to improve the investment process while facilitating collaboration of research, buying power and technology. The solution provided workflow tools that streamlined the cost of investment execution.

Case Study

Medical Practice Management

The client is a medical billing and healthcare software company. Gavant built a new product offering for medical practices to manage their services and related billing. The solution provided comprehensive tools for medical transcription, patient service tracking, record management and insurance claim tracking.

Case Study

Custom Order Entry

The client is a swimming pool manufacturer with an engineer-to-order (ETO) and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturing division. Gavant built a custom order entry interface for ETO/MTO product lines with business logic that recognized the interdependencies of materials and application, including a design management tool that facilitated exponential growth in custom orders. The result was improved quoting accuracy, billing accuracy, throughput speed and customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Music Asset Catalog

The client is a global provider of premium stock images and video. Gavant built out a full integration of music assets into their existing platform, complete with audio preview, transcoding, bundled licensing and payment checkout. The end result was a fluid user experience for consumers of multimedia content licensing and purchase.

Diagnostic Assessment
Research Platform
Medical Practice Management
Order Entry
Music Asset Catalog
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