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Project Management

It makes no difference to us whether your requirements are fully fleshed out or still taking shape. Our team of experts is ready to engage by participating in discussions. We’ll ask the right questions to understand your objectives and project management needs. We’ll assist in estimating ROI and aligning with the business justification to provide lasting value.

Built for your business

We ask. We listen. We get what you do. Then, we build the solution you need.

Built with a purpose

We assimilate your vision and leverage technology to get you where you want to be.

Built to last

We are your partner. We demand quality and deliver on the highest expectations.

What We Do

Full Cycle Application Development

It makes no difference to us whether your requirements are fully fleshed out or still taking shape. We engage by participating in discussions, asking the right questions to understand project objectives, end user needs and business justification to provide lasting value.

Accurate requirements are essential to developing high performance software. Gavant partners with your stakeholders to get the requirements right. This involves translating business expectations to functional expectations so the team can deliver on your expectations of performance, scalability, usability and maintainability.

Functional requirements drive the design process and user experience. Here, we structure the underlying architecture, data model, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX). This ensures the system will meet your organization's needs for user workflow, scalability and performance.

Our internal team of skilled engineers work together to build the software. A typical software project draws from a variety of disciplines, like database development, Java & .NET API development, and web & mobile app development. Gavant's staff maintains a solid core competency in these disciplines and stays current on related modern trends.

Gavant Software employs the latest automated testing and unit testing technologies to ensure the highest quality of our applications. As our users expect a flawless experience, our QA team tests more than just the code. They test the complete user interaction life-cycle, including stress testing, to eliminate defects and assure overall quality.

The first hours and days after a system is deployed “live” are critical. Gavant Software’s team stands ready to rapidly respond to opportunities for perfective and corrective maintenance to speed time to ROI in the new environment. As business conditions and needs continue to evolve, we adapt the solution to fit the future state.

How We Do It

Agile and DevOps

Shorten the Feedback Loop

Incorporating input and feedback from users is critical to building software that delivers business value. An iterative approach to development enables our clients to test early and often, ensuring a successful delivery.

Agile All the Way

An agile philosophy extends beyond development of the software. Continuous delivery and automating various aspects of of maintenance requires cross-functional teams. This offers team members more immediate feedback - another means to shortening the cycle.

Focus on Business Value

There must be a goal and a means to measure progress toward it. The ultimate purpose of every developed feature is to provide value to the client’s business, either by helping them perform tasks more efficiently or by helping them engage their own customers more deeply.

Simplify & Secure

Secure your enterprise

Cyber threats are constant and ever-changing. Safeguard user data, applications and infrastructure to protect your value chain end-to-end.

Take the First Step

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Gavant Software is a full service developer of custom software, web and mobile technology solutions. We operate nationwide and provide full cycle software application development outsourcing services.

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