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Custom Software

Custom software does exactly what you need - nothing more, nothing less. Having control and ownership of the software that runs your business is necessary to ensure complete business alignment and desirable as a strategic asset.

Technologies & Tools

Web Development

Ember.js, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 for a robust and compelling user experience across platforms and devices

Mobile Development

Titanium and Ember Cordova for cross-platform mobile apps targeting iOS and Android devices

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon AWS for scalable, high performance software with a broad set of cloud services geared for modern web applications

Java Tech Stack

Java, Spring Boot and Spock for high quality and extensible software and APIs built for cross-platform environments

.NET Tech Stack

C#, .NET Web API, Entity Framework and NUnit for high quality and extensible software and APIs

Database Architecture

MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB and AWS RDS for increased flexibility across enterprise environments

What We Do

Full Custom Software Lifecycle

Custom software can get you anywhere you need to be. Whether your requirements are fully defined or still taking shape, the process starts off with a discussion. By asking the right questions and listening between the lines, we identify business goals, stakeholder objectives and end user expectations. This is how we set the stage for providing lasting value over the long term.

Gavant manages the complete lifecycle of a custom software project in-house, from discovery and analysis to delivery and ongoing support.


Custom software begins with scope and definition and accurate requirements are essential to developing high performing software. Gavant works closely with your stakeholders to get the requirements right, translating business needs to functional needs, so the team can deliver on expectations of performance, scalability, usability and maintainability.

While some clients come to us with details fully defined, most aren't sure where to begin. Not to worry. At Gavant, there's a proven process we employ to discover everything we need to know. By asking the right questions, listening in conversation and challenging the status quo, we uncover the business drivers behind the project and ensure adequate ROI. This is how we set the stage for providing lasting value in the long term.

With the analysis complete, functional requirements drive the design process and user experience. There are three primary elements that can be looked at in parallel at this stage.

The first item we look to identify is the underlying data model, identifying how best to model application data and to ensure performant access. Second, we work with stakeholders to define user experience, user interface and layouts. First impressions are paramount and the end user must find the overall experience to be clean, elegant and easy to use. Finally, we identify system integrations that may be needed to bring everything together and ensure that everything we need to do is, in fact, doable.

With a vision of a final solution in mind, our internal team of skilled engineers and developers work closely to build the software. Daily interactions among the team and weekly status meetings ensure ensure tight alignment between development activity, budget and scope. By engaging clients in these dialogs, they have the ability to participate in the final product and provide feedback with efficient turn-around.

A custom software project draws from a variety of disciplines, including database development, Java & .NET API development, and web & mobile app development. Additionally, an agile and DevOps process requires strong working knowledge of the deployment pipeline and overall infrastructure. Gavant's staff maintains a solid core competency across all these disciplines and stays current on modern trends.

An effective testing strategy includes automated, manual, and exploratory tests to efficiently reduce risk and tighten release cycles.

Gavant employs testing activity at all stages of a custom software project, from unit testing during coding to integration and functional testing of a complete product. Additionally, as part of any complete quality assurance approach, continuous delivery and automated testing help expand testing capacity, get faster feedback, and improve overall quality.

The first hours and days after a system is deployed "live" are critical and Gavant's team stands ready to respond for perfective and corrective maintenance. A warranty period accompanies all our custom software project engagements, giving our clients the level of comfort that we'll stand behind our work.

Beyond the warranty period, Gavant provides flexible options for ongoing support. Each project has unique needs and we work with you to determine what makes sense for your project. Of course, it's not a perfect science to know up front what amount of support you'll need. Not to worry. The "flexible" element of our options means that budget can be put toward improvement, ensuring lasting value in the long term.

Why We Do It

Alignment with Business Needs

Focus on Business Value

  • Enables rapid and targeted response to changes and opportunities
  • Enables practical innovation.
  • Enables competitive advantage
  • Enables insight and knowledge to affect change in measurable ways

Simplify & Secure

Secure your enterprise

Cyber threats are constant and ever-changing. Safeguard user data, applications and infrastructure to protect your value chain end-to-end.

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Gavant Software is a full service developer of custom software, web and mobile technology solutions. We operate nationwide and provide full cycle software application development outsourcing services.

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