When’s the Last Time You Performed A Business Software Audit?

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at whether your software is working the way you need it to, it might be time to undergo a complete software audit.

Efficient and effective software can help your business grow. If you’re working with a legacy business system, it’s especially important to give your software a checkup. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask to determine whether it’s time for a software upgrade.

How easy is it for you to maintain your system?

Legacy business software can be hard to maintain, particularly if it was developed using an archaic language, older architecture, and out-of-fashion scripting or plug-ins. If it’s difficult to update software or if you’re experiencing a lot of downtime or lag-time with your business software, you’re going to want to investigate custom software options to bring your software up to speed.

How efficient is your business software?

How much of your budget has been spent on tech support for your legacy business system? How much time have your employees spent trying to recover lost information? How much time have they spent waiting for your software to process the data they’re trying to input into the system? Inefficient software isn’t just a headache, it can cause your company to lose opportunities.

How well does your software mesh with current company processes?

Have you found a better way to do things since you first had your software system go live? Do people use the software as intended, or have they had to find work-arounds for your legacy system so that it does what they need it to do? Is the user-interface simple for new hires, or does onboarding employees take more time than you’d like? If you have mismatches here, you’ll probably want to have a custom business software solution to help make everything more streamlined.

Does your legacy business software leave your company vulnerable?

It’s good business sense to ensure that your client and customer data is secure. If you have holes in your software that leave your system vulnerable to cyberattacks, privacy breaches, and other hacking threats, it’s vital that you upgrade. If there’s any chance that hackers could cause harm to your business, either through accessing sensitive data or damaging internal and external processes, it’s time for new software that secures your business data.

Are your business systems future ready?

If you’re working with a legacy business system, you may be working with software created for the way things were done yesterday. It’s important to have business software that allows you to work the way business is done now – and that anticipates the way we may work in the future. Not only should your business software allow for scaling of your business as it grows, but it should be compatible with the Internet of Things (IOT) and mobility standards.

Our proven process provides insight and value that improves your bottom line

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