Scalable Image Processing

The client is an e-commerce software company. Gavant built a platform for product catalog ingestion capable of producing product images in various thumbnails and orientations for various display conditions on web and mobile devices. The system made extensive use of Amazon AWS and could scale indefinitely to process high-volumes of products and related assets.

Diagnostic Assessment

The client is a college. Gavant built a diagnostic assessment designed to help students transition to college. The software provides personalized feedback about students' strengths and weaknesses in terms of key academic and self-regulated learning skills, linking them to the resources to help them be successful students.

Manufacturing Yield Measurement

The client is an electronics manufacturer. Gavant built a workflow system designed to measure and report manufacturing yields based on finished product passing quality testing. The system provided enhanced testing with analytics and reporting that enabled real-time responsiveness to out-of-tolerance elements in the manufacturing process. The result was a greater manufacturing yield.

Weather Mapping

The client is a weather forecasting provider. Gavant modernized and rewrote a software system that enables fast access/viewing of weather and marine data with optimum route calculation. Built for both Windows and Mac platforms, this product runs directly on a ship’s computer to provide tools required for safe and efficient transit.

Workflow Automation

The client is a swimming pool manufacturer. Gavant developed a mobile app that enabled users to operate a proprietary hardware device capable of automated data collection prior to custom fabrication. The result was a more efficient workflow with improved accuracy of data, ensuring orders were actionable for manufacturing.

Scalable Image Processing
Diagnostic Assessment
Yield Measurement
Weather Mapping
Workflow Automation

Challenges & Trends


In the age of disruption, businesses and their leaders will rise or fall based on their ability to spot and creatively respond to rapid technological change. Some companies notice an emerging technology and take a “wait and see” attitude. Others see a new technology and take action. They begin experimenting, making small bets, and learning.

Efficiency and quality
Insight into production levels and inventory
Deep visibility of supply chain
Current Trends

Rising concerns regarding technology companies’ increasing power is driving pushback from government organizations, and this trend is gaining momentum. Greater government and regulatory oversight is likely to protect consumers and curb corporate overreach, but may also stunt innovation. Underscoring this trend is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as adjusted net neutrality rules in the US.

Real estate giants are experimenting with AI to target classes of likely buyers for a specific property, and piloting new AI software that helps identify likely sellers. Leading law firms use AI to scan thousands of legal documents in minutes, rather than weeks, to build stronger cases at a fraction of the cost.

While Netflix, Amazon, Google and Facebook pioneered artificial intelligence, AI is beginning to be deployed by increasing numbers of mid-sized and even small businesses. Here, the applications are exploding.

Modern cruise ships are using wearables coupled with mobile apps to guide passengers toward activities they're bound to like based on other activities they've performed while aboard, providing a new level of customized service for passengers. Disney uses a wrist band to store FastPass and meal plan information, enabling guests to carry their itinerary on them at all times and even have ancillary service charges billed directly to their room.

This technology is grounded in a singular purpose - to provide an engaging and personalized experience to the guest while ensuring they're "connected" at all times.

Snapchat has helped bring augmented reality to the forefront with its fun face filters. Most recently, Apple introduced ARKit to make it easier than ever for developers to integrate augmented reality into their iPhone apps, and companies such as Amazon have already started to embrace it.

Further, a number of companies have produced hardware and software features to support augmented reality and machine learning. As developers take advantage of these chips and APIs, we will see apps that will let us view our world differently and better communicate with machines. Additionally, this technology may be used to monitor security, help aggregate big data and improve the identity verification process.

More companies are moving to the cloud as a means to service an increasing surge in customer demand. Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services put cost-effective scaling at a company's fingertips, enabling them to respond to environment spikes brought on by news and other social factors.

As part of this shift, businesses are struggling to maintain older legacy software that wasn't built for this type of deployment. The technologies behind these applications are increasingly diverging from the modern tools and frameworks quickly emerging within the workforce, and businesses will need to establish a strategy for their integration.


Technology & Design

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the innovative blend of sophisticated technology, beautiful design and compelling experience. It requires expertise, strategy, discipline and the courage to challenge convention.

Technologies & Tools

Web Development

Ember.js, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 for a robust and compelling user experience across platforms and devices

Mobile Development

Titanium and Ember Cordova for cross-platform mobile apps targeting iOS and Android devices

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon AWS for scalable, high performance software with a broad set of cloud services geared for modern web applications

Java Tech Stack

Java, Spring Boot and Spock for high quality and extensible software and APIs built for cross-platform environments

.NET Tech Stack

C#, .NET Web API, Entity Framework and NUnit for high quality and extensible software and APIs

Database Architecture

MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB and AWS RDS for increased flexibility across enterprise environments

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Results & Impact

Project Experience

Custom Software

We build software that does exactly what you need. Then, we adapt that software as needed to address key challenges and opportunities. Learn more

System Modernization

We embrace the transformative landscape brought on by social networks, mobile devices, analytics and cloud computing. Remain current and relevant. Learn more

System Integration

We integrate with in-house systems, payment processors like PayPal and, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Learn more


We enable your customers and your users to interact and engage with your service anytime, anywhere and from any device. Mobile is the new way of doing business.

Workflow Efficiency

We identify better ways to interact with customers, employees and partners, streamlining workflows to create a more engaging and innovative user experience.

Legacy Facelift

We integrate legacy systems into modern computing environments so your investment in that system is preserved without the bottleneck to performance.

Reporting & Intelligence

Leveraging tools like Google Analytics and AWS CloudWatch, we enable you to analyze visitor traffic and usage trends to be constantly delivering maximize value.

Marketing & Social

We give your customers and users the ability to share ideas and knowledge, driving both identity and relevancy of your brand within the industry.

Dynamic Staffing

We're a a full service application development outsourcing studio that focuses on value and innovation while delivering on quality and economics. Learn more

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Secure your enterprise

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