Retail & E-Commerce

Scalable Image Processing

The client is an e-commerce software company. Gavant built a platform for product catalog ingestion capable of producing product images in various thumbnails and orientations for various display conditions on web and mobile devices. The system made extensive use of Amazon AWS and could scale indefinitely to process high-volumes of products and related assets.

Point of Sale

The client is a video game retailer. Gavant built a custom point of sale application targeted for retail environments that buy, sell and trade. The web-based technology was bundled as a desktop solution to be used in-store and integrated with common POS peripherals like label printers, bar code scanners and cash drawers.

Music Asset Catalog

The client is a global provider of premium stock images and video. Gavant built out a full integration of music assets into their existing platform, complete with audio preview, transcoding, bundled licensing and payment checkout. The end result was a fluid user experience for consumers of multimedia content licensing and purchase.

Scalable Image Processing
Point of Sale
Music Asset Catalog

Challenges & Trends

Retail & E-Commerce

Retail technology trends are underpinned by one common denominator: big data powered by advanced analytics. Smart use of data and analytics to understand the customer, both online and in-store, as well as using new tools to deliver the best customer experience, will be essential for retailers to stay ahead and capitalize on these trends.

Personalized shopping experience
Prevent cybersecurity threats
Unifying the in-store and online experience
Current Trends

Brick-and-mortar stores have long been challenged by online retailers, and this has driven brands to find new ways to meet consumers’ changing demands, adapting, for example, their physical stores to match new shopping journeys. Alongside traditional shops, smart stores have emerged, where technology helps deliver an improved customer experience through options for in-store browsing or home delivery.

In order for the showroom concept to have long-term success, stores have to be smarter. Data is vital to ensure the right products are showcased, as well as for continued insight to drive iterative improvements as boundaries between digital and physical retail get closer.

Personalization is taking on a new level of importance as more and more companies master the art of personalized communications through marketing automation platforms, CRM systems and more.

Online personalization is nothing new, but we're starting to see more and more technologies that allow retail companies to personalize the in-person experience, too. In many ways we're heading full circle because the personalized approach is the main thing that we've always liked about local businesses. Imagine walking into any Starbucks in any country and being recognized just the same as if you walked into your local shop.

Data’s role in retail decision-making is ever growing, especially as technologies surrounding Big Data and machine learning continue to mature. Forward-thinking retailers are exploring ways to collect and leverage data in their sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

Companies like Walmart are now using machine learning and Big Data in various aspects of their business. One such use is the optimization of delivery routes of their associated home deliveries. Stores are also making use of facial recognition to identify shoppers who are unhappy or frustrated. That data can then be used to tell associates to open new checkout lines.

Retailers have made significant investments in security technology in the last few years to implement EMVsecurity technologies to authenticate new credit cards with embedded chips. This has involved investments in point-of-sale security, data management and encryption, and general network and web security tools.

However, retailers still feel under threat and vulnerability management remains an area to maintain investment, including encryption, email security, identity access management and multi-factor authentication.

Certain categories like consumables are starting to flourish as a result of smart home devices and voice assistants.

Voice enables stores to have a 1-to-1 relationship with customers on a massive scale. Bots can be a simplifying experience for consumers' frequently asked questions. And the AI capabilities possible within devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home can provide a rich interaction with the consumer all without leaving the home.


Technology & Design

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the innovative blend of sophisticated technology, beautiful design and compelling experience. It requires expertise, strategy, discipline and the courage to challenge convention.

Technologies & Tools

Web Development

Ember.js, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 for a robust and compelling user experience across platforms and devices

Mobile Development

Titanium and Ember Cordova for cross-platform mobile apps targeting iOS and Android devices

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon AWS for scalable, high performance software with a broad set of cloud services geared for modern web applications

Java Tech Stack

Java, Spring Boot and Spock for high quality and extensible software and APIs built for cross-platform environments

.NET Tech Stack

C#, .NET Web API, Entity Framework and NUnit for high quality and extensible software and APIs

Database Architecture

MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB and AWS RDS for increased flexibility across enterprise environments

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Results & Impact

Project Experience

Custom Software

We build software that does exactly what you need. Then, we adapt that software as needed to address key challenges and opportunities. Learn more

System Modernization

We embrace the transformative landscape brought on by social networks, mobile devices, analytics and cloud computing. Remain current and relevant. Learn more

System Integration

We integrate with in-house systems, payment processors like PayPal and, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Learn more


We enable your customers and your users to interact and engage with your service anytime, anywhere and from any device. Mobile is the new way of doing business.

Workflow Efficiency

We identify better ways to interact with customers, employees and partners, streamlining workflows to create a more engaging and innovative user experience.

Legacy Facelift

We integrate legacy systems into modern computing environments so your investment in that system is preserved without the bottleneck to performance.

Reporting & Intelligence

Leveraging tools like Google Analytics and AWS CloudWatch, we enable you to analyze visitor traffic and usage trends to be constantly delivering maximize value.

Marketing & Social

We give your customers and users the ability to share ideas and knowledge, driving both identity and relevancy of your brand within the industry.

Dynamic Staffing

We're a a full service application development outsourcing studio that focuses on value and innovation while delivering on quality and economics. Learn more

Simplify & Secure

Secure your enterprise

Cyber threats are constant and ever-changing. Safeguard user data, applications and infrastructure to protect your value chain end-to-end.

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