In today’s business environment, the role of software continues to grow as companies look to establish enduring success in a digital era when customers, staff and stakeholders demands on technology increase exponentially.

A software system that is misaligned to your business needs can create headaches and – even worse – missed opportunities. Throughout your search for the right software solution you’ll encounter a number of industry buzzwords, different types of software, varying architectural styles, developers touting a wide range of skillsets, and many other topics native to any discussion about software solutions.

This is your definitive 'Guide to Custom Software Development'. Making sense of the glut of information out there, cutting through the sales speak and technical jargon that often dangles but doesn't deliver the software solution you need.

What is custom software, exactly? When is a custom solution the best software option for a business? What are the risks and benefits associated with custom software?

This eBook provides the answers and more, in an effort to assist you during your software decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Determine if it’s an appropriate time to look for a new software solution.
  • Know when a custom or boxed solution best aligns with your scenario.
  • Identify 10 benefits that custom software can provide.
  • Weigh the challenges and benefits of outsourcing vs. an in-house team.
  • Know what risks are common when developing custom software.
  • Employ strategies to reduce custom software risk in your project.

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