Deploy Web Applications to take your software applications to the Clouds

Browser based web applications enable people to access content and engage in workflows without installing software on a specific machine. All of the data and business rules are stored and served from the network or cloud. Taking your content and workflows to the cloud enables your team to engage in business without being tethered to specific workstations or computers.

Today, the same content and workflows are increasingly accessed from smaller form factor (screen size) devices. Techniques like responsive design can consider the user’s device to select specific page content and styling that is appropriate for that device.

Benefits of Mobile Web Applications over Mobile Apps

Instant access… There is no need to search the app store and install anything. Its always accessible.

Better control… Upgrades immediately take effect without upgrading through the app store.

Cross device compatibility… There aren’t multiple code bases to support across device manufacturers.

Accessibility… Google indexes the content and makes the mobile site accessible through its search.

Shareability… Links to the mobile site can be shared between users simply by copying and pasting links.

Easier to support… The same development tools for web applications are used for mobile web.

Cost… Owing to the examples above, the efficiency of Mobile Web applications reduces cost.