UI/UX Can Strengthen Your Brand and Increase Customer Loyalty

The user experience (UX) lives at the intersection of the user interface (UI) design and the program code (architecture, organization, data, usability, and accessibility). With today’s attention to simplified and “lean” workflows and their connection with people, a positive user experience is a guiding influence in every system and application we build.

The user experience is often described as the WOW factor in an application. And there is no better assessment of the quality of user experience than to watch actual users use the product. The Gavant Software team considers user personas, functions, and user expectations when building and acceptance testing your application. From the early stages of design and rapid prototyping activities, we focus on the user:

  • What is the user going to do?
  • How is the system going to be used in daily activities?
  • How technical is the user’s skill level?
  • What complementary systems does the user already utilize?
  • What look & feel styles does the user find appealing?

The ideal outcome is to achieve an optimal balance of simplicity and power - simplicity of design for ease of use and power of control for the user to manage the complexities of their role in the organization. This approach ensures complimentary, efficient user interfaces and workflows, a happy user community, and lasting value from the product.

The benefits of great UI/UX include significant savings in user training, the virtual elimination of training manuals, and greater productivity stemming from users that are more efficient and engaged.