Develop Desktop Applications for Offline Environments

From our founding, Gavant Software has leveraged its extensive expertise in Desktop application development. We develop enterprise class applications for various industries on the Windows platform. Our broad expertise enables us to create user-friendly, high performance desktop applications tailored to your specific needs.

Desktop applications differ from web applications due to software that is installed on individual user’s computers that enables the user to interact with the functionality regardless of whether it is connected to the internet.

Modern evolution has advanced the performance capabilities of desktop applications. Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (IRDAs) enable faster and more efficient business processes than stand-alone desktop applications. Data and content is synchronized with other systems as well as stored locally for offline performance in remote locations.

The Gavant Software team will work with you collaboratively to fine tune business expectations and develop business and functional requirements. We’ll rapidly develop the application to your specifications, then QA test, deploy and support the functionality.