Leverage Custom Software to Gain Competitive Advantage

Gavant Software is a full service developer of custom software,web and mobile technology solutions. Our clients leverage us for sales growth and operational efficiency, from strategic direction to measurable results. We service a broad range of industries providing web and mobile apps that streamline workflows, integrate multiple systems and services, and improve reporting and business intelligence to realize the future today.

  • Over a decade of experience serving clients across the US from our on-shore HQ in Troy, NY
  • Multi-technology expertise from a core of .NET and Java
  • Flexible Engagement models to suit your business requirements

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  1. Time for New Software
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  3. Custom Software Benefits
  4. Developer Options
  5. Custom Software Risks
  6. Risk Mitigation Strategies

Benefits of the Custom Software Approach

It’s Custom Software… Custom software is designed to meet your company’s specifications and requirements. It enables you to function the way you want to operate. It can integrate into the systems already in place today and be integrated into new systems going forward.

Fewer Problems… Quality is higher because the system is easier to test when not distributed to dozens or hundreds of other customers’ unique businesses. When an issue arises, you’re supported by a team with consistent relevant skills to intervene in a positive way.

More Employee-Friendly… Since it is tailored to the way people actually work, it is more intuitive and easily adopted by users. There are no confusing, vaguely relevant, extras or nuances of configuration.

Lower Cost… There is no additional cost for additional user licenses. Any future financial cost benefits your company dollar for dollar. Instead of funding a bottomless hole called maintenance and support just in case you have a problem or request. Custom software adds value to the company because it is an asset whose incremental benefit exceeds its cost.

Enhanced Security… Competitive advantage is protected since you’re not using the same “tool set” as your competition. It can be changed without competitors finding out.

Better Support… You deal with people who understand the system and understand your business. Every idea you have is relevant to the team. You have direct influence over development changes.


  • Java, JSP/Servlet, JSTL
  • Spring MVC · MVC framework
  • Apache Struts · MVC framework
  • JUnit · Unit testing
  • Jersey · REST web services
  • Axis · SOAP web services


  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • nUnit · Unit testing
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Spark MVC View Engine


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • AS/400


  • Flash
  • jQuery · JavaScript library
  • jQuery UI · JavaScript widgets
  • YUI Library · JavaScript framework
  • AJAX, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
  • KnockoutJS · MVVM framework
  • Backbone · MVC framework
  • Soundmanager2 · JavaScript library
  • Jasmine · Unit testing
  • LESS · CSS library
  • PHP 5.4/MySQL
  • Kohana · PHP framework
  • Laravel v4 · PHP MVC framework
  • Facebook API


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Appcelerator, Titanium


  • JMeter · Automated testing
  • Selenium · Automated testing
  • Memcached · Distributed data caching
  • Apache, Tomcat, IIS