Application Development Outsourcing To Force-Multiply your Organization

The two most important considerations in the decision to outsource software product development are
Quality and Economics. Gavant Software is a full service Application Development Outsourcing firm that delivers both.

There are three general strategic alternatives we see of companies and organizations with custom software development needs. They include:

  • In-house software development (employees, contractors, temps)
  • Off-shore software develpment
  • Gavant Software development

Here's how the three strategies compare:

Cost Management

Gavant Software In-house Team Off-shore Team
Rapid increase staff to needs No Yes
Rapid decrease staff to needs Maybe Yes
No-cost skill redundancy No Maybe
No cost of re-training to maintain skill set No Maybe
Fixed cost project pricing No Uncommon
Throttle development budget to zero when needed No Yes

Quality Team

Gavant Software In-house Team Off-shore Team
IT strategy team Maybe Uncommon
Business analysis Yes Uncommon
Design Yes Maybe
Dedicated development Yes Yes
QA testing Maybe Yes
Long-term support Yes Uncommon
Guaranteed results Maybe Uncommon
Maintain operational control Yes Uncommon

Accountability and Logistics

Gavant Software In-house Team Off-shore Team
Pre-built starting points for faster, cost-effective results No Uncommon
Insert directly into business unit Yes No
Language/culture compatibility Yes Uncommon
Full life-cycle accountability Maybe Uncommon
Time zone compatibility Yes Uncommon
Guaranteed delivery time lines Maybe Uncommon
On-site meetings Yes Uncommon
Assumes all production risk Yes Uncommon