Pump Audio Soundtrack


Pump Audio is a music licensing company that represents independent artists and their music worldwide for placement in TV, advertising, video games and film. Their Soundtrack product creates an original marketplace for music by managing the rights and content of musicians while serving the needs of media companies worldwide through the effective use of database and search technology.

Gavant worked with Pump Audio from its early stages to identify functional requirements and establish a development plan. Following an initial build-out, Gavant continued providing iterations of new functionality in the years that followed until Pump Audio's acquisition by Getty Images.


As the original licensing platform for Pump Audio, the Soundtrack system consists of several systems working together to provide an immersive audio/visual experience. The first system is the ASP.NET web application that provides landing page and account management functionality. This system also offers SOAP web services that power the Flash-based rich-client experience that users require to find and license music. Lastly, there's a free-standing Microsoft Windows service that handles the asynchronous transcoding of uploaded videos for use in the application's “video mix” feature.

The entire system is powered by Microsoft SQL Server and resides on a load-balanced multi-node farm to ensure maximum responsiveness and availability.


To handle the various assortment of video formats that may have been uploaded by users, ffmpeg is used to transcode uploaded media and present a uniform format (FLV) that maintains fidelity to the original and provides improved load times.

To accommodate the geographic distribution of users across the world and maintain responsive load times, the BitGravity CDN is leveraged for file distribution. This provides a secure, reliable means of delivering various file formats (64kbps MP3, 192 kbps MP3, CD/WAV) to users across the globe.


“Gavant has been our web/e-commerce development partner for over five years. They consistently deliver on-time and with high quality. Gavant has become our go-to team for contract development work, and I’d be happy to recommend them for future projects.”

Dwight Cheu


  • Flash-based tool used to search for and license music by independent artists
  • Users are able to create custom playlists to mark favorite tracks
  • Mixing of audio and video using uploaded footage for a "quick comp" preview


  • Flash
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • SOAP
  • Web services


  • ffmpeg · Video transcoding
  • BitGravity · Content distribution