Media Warehouse


Media Warehouse is a content repository solution that allows a business to store rich media assets using a custom tagging system and share those assets across the organization. Users can upload and store a variety of media types (e.g. images, videos, audio clips, etc.) as well as search for content uploaded by other users. A full suite of search tools and a comprehensive tagging structure allows users to find the content they're interested in and view rich media assets like videos and audio clips inline within the browser.

Gavant helped Media Factory Network identify functional requirements and design a user experience. After building an initial prototype, Gavant went on to develop several iterations of new functionality based on customer feedback and enhancement requests.


Media Warehouse is a SaaS web application, built from the ground up with an MVC-style architecture using the Java Struts framework. Extensive use of YUI and AJAX provide for a modern and responsive user experience. The system relies heavily on multithreading for the efficient processing and storage of high resolution images and videos.

The solution was deployed in Amazon's AWS cloud platform to provide a reliable and scalable infrastructure. The MySQL database runs in a master-slave configuration on dedicated servers. The application runs on Linux servers configured with Apache and Tomcat, sitting behind Amazon's elastic load balancer (ELB). The infrastructure as configured provides for horizontal scalability to grow and shrink dynamically based on user load and other configurable metrics.


ImageMagick is used under the hood to transcode images to a variety of sizes and formats for different uses throughout the application. To achieve the same goal for videos and audio clips, the system integrates with, which provides an asynchronous transcoding service via a REST interface. Using this REST API, internal processes can submit raw video and audio clips to the service as well as status requests for their completion.

Media Warehouse relies on Amazon S3 for cloud-based storage and Amazon CloudFront as the content delivery network. Communication with these systems is achieved via a REST-based library provided directly by Amazon.


“Working with Gavant has been a real pleasure. They’ve been extremely flexible in incorporating our ideas and our customers’ feedback. I recommend them highly as an insightful and dependable software partner and look forward to working with them again.”

Ari Pomerantz


  • SaaS web application with customized content management capabilities
  • Comprehensive tagging structure with flexible search tools
  • Fully customizable permissions around all stored content


  • Java, JSP/Servlet, JSTL
  • AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • MySQL
  • JSON
  • Apache Struts · MVC web framework
  • YUI Library · JavaScript framework
  • Selenium · Automated testing


  • Amazon S3 · Cloud data storage
  • Amazon CloudFront · Content delivery
  • ImageMagick · Image processing
  • · Video processing