Contour By Getty Images


Getty Images, the world’s largest provider of stock pictures, approached Gavant looking for a software partner to develop a complete site upgrade for their most exclusive brand, Contour by Getty Images. Contour by Getty Images is a subsidiary of Getty Images and provides authorized users access to Getty’s high-end portraiture division, where licensing is obtained for the publication of exclusive and often private celebrity photo sessions. Getty’s busy time of year was quickly approaching and the goal was to release the site upgrade alongside two others (WireImage and FilmMagic) in time for the Entertainment Industry awards season.


Starting with templated code from a sister site with similar features in the Getty product line, the Gavant team was able to rapidly deliver an improved Contour by Getty Images site. The new site, powered completely by an existing layer of enterprise services, is now a completely integrated system. Featuring cutting-edge .NET technologies such as SparkMVC, LessCSS and the Assman asset management library, page load times are kept lightning quick by highly modular design and runtime Javascript dependency resolution and consolidation.


Any complexities concerning asset delivery, searching and account management that may have otherwise existed were completely mitigated due to the full integration with Getty systems. The plugin architecture provided by much of the .NET MVC framework was readily receptive of an internal “provider”, so the integration with Getty systems was seamless.

In addition to the technological integration, it is worth noting that this project was executed in a partnership with Getty’s project management and design teams. Working as an extension to Getty’s teams as opposed to a free-standing project is a testament to Gavant’s ability to adapt to the project style that any company may require.


“I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank Gavant for their incredible job with Contour. They came in under budget forecast, and have been there with every request… We launched when the business wanted us to launch and the site looks and works great.”

Jeff Oberlander
Senior Director, Software Engineering


  • Complete redesign to reflect a refined, polished aesthetic
  • Exclusive invite-only content represents Getty's flagship portraiture line
  • Advanced search functionality powered by enterprise services
  • Lightbox (favorites) functionality to track favorite works for future consideration
  • Free text and targeted keyword search combined with drill-down functionality for highly refined search results
  • Multiple perspectives for search results (i.e. "Photos" or "Sessions")
  • Support for viewing individual image asset details
  • CMS-enabled pages and page regions for dynamic content creation and management


  • Spark MVC View Engine
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • .LESS · Javascript library
  • jQuery · Javascript library
  • nUnit · Unit testing (.Net)
  • Jasmine · Unit testing (JavaScript)


  • Alfresco · Content management