SaaS for Seamless Integration and Rapid Deployment

Gavant Software develops custom software solutions and often deploys systems in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This delivery model is perfectly compatible with web based software applications as well as mobile apps.

For good reason, the SaaS delivery model for custom software solutions is rapidly gaining favor in the business community. In this scenario, the solutions provider bundles the infrastructure of cloud based servers with the software, providing both together. The provider assumes responsibility for maintaining and upgrading the functionality of the software, storing backup and recovery of customer data, and providing very high availability for users to interact with the system via the work-anywhere internet.

SaaS is a cost efficient option for companies to manage complex IT deployments when compared to the capital intensive alternative of staffing, hardware procurement, and support costs of typical IT. SaaS facilitates long term customer relationships as the provider's revenue stream is stretched over the long term instead of being fully realized up front.