Cloud Infrastructure for Increased Availability and Reduced Costs

Cloud computing has several advantages over traditional client server computing and enables companies to gain greater return from web based software applications. It is an enabler of “any time, any place, any device” expectations of system users and administrators.

Even with the modern recognition that a cloud based infrastructure is superior, there is still confusion as to what it actually means.

Cloud Server Infrastructure does NOT mean deploying your software on a dedicated, co-located server. Cloud Server Infrastructure is a synonym for distributed computing. It is demand driven and virtualized to use re-sizable resources where the program can share the load across many computers at the same time as needed. And it is web services API enabled so it can efficiently share services, processes, storage, and data with other systems.

For Cloud Server Deployments, Gavant Software leverages the power and efficiency of Amazon Web Services. Specifically: Amazon S3 for cloud data storage, and Amazon Cloudfront for limitless scalability and low latency content delivery.