Is Your Business Software a Friend or Foe?

Years ago, companies fit into two categories... those with software systems and those without. Today its not enough to have software... you need GREAT software. GREAT implies a lot of things. How do you rate?

Is Your Business Software a Friend or Foe?

5 Hot Spots and the Questions YOU Should Be Asking Today

The vital statistics of a software system are very important Vital Statistics are fundamental, high level considerations. How maintainable is the system? Was it developed using a modern language, architecture and deployment? What scripting and plug-ins are invoked? Does it run fast enough to keep up? When was it last updated? Is there unexpected downtime?

The development efficiency of a software system is very important Development Efficiency relates to the level of performance of programmers or developers. What is the rate of development throughput? What percent of the budget is spent on maintenance and support vs. system enhancement? How adequately are updates tested? Do development costs ebb and flow with business cycles? Do software developers collaborate or work in silos? How up-to-date are their programming skills?

The process efficiency of a software system is very important Process Efficiency considers the friction point between people and systems. How aligned are systems to good business process and employees’ personal workflows? Or do people work the way the system dictates? How much time is spent waiting for the system? Is the system intuitive? Or do people require extensive training before becoming proficient or trusted? Are outputs personalized in form and content? Or is further “spreadsheet massage” needed before data becomes actionable?

The security of a software system is very important Security is relative. Don’t ignore threats, expose them. Do you have a crisis management team? What vulnerabilities are inherent to the technology used to build and deploy the system? How safe and accessible is the underlying program code? How could access and data be misused by forces internal and external to your organization?

The future readiness of a software system is very important Future Readiness acknowledges the future is on the horizon. Will you be able to embrace it, or will you resist it? Can the system handle the technologies and conditions of the future? For example: the Internet of Things (IOT) and mobility standards of any time, any place, any device. Are you able to innovate at a pace needed to win tomorrow’s customer?

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