Quality Measured Across All Stages of the Development Process

Quality assurance is engaged early in a project’s life-cycle and is performed in-house as a shared effort between dedicated QA staff and the development team. Thoughtful testing requires an adequate knowledge of the project objectives and the system components that compose the final solution. The high level requirements and software architecture serve as a guide for the testing initiative required on a given project.

Where possible, we host your application on an externally available test environment so that you can participate in the process with a level of interaction that’s more productive than may be achieved in a status meeting or demo. There’s no better way to evaluate something than from the driver’s seat.

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Unit tests are developed by the engineering team to ensure correct operation of small modules of code. Inspired by Test-Driven Development (or TDD), engineers focus on how their code will be used by the surrounding system and what will occur as a result of unexpected data or conditions. These unit tests are executed as part of the build process so that defects can be identified early and impact to the rest of the team is minimized.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Dedicated QA staff are responsible to test the functional operation of the integrated solution, simultaneously ensuring that the functions meet the defined business requirement. For web applications, this includes compatibility testing across all supported browser platforms and versions. For mobile apps, this includes compatibility testing across supported devices and operating system versions.

Depending on the project requirements and its stage of maturity, we employ tools like Selenium for automated browser testing and JMeter for performance load testing.

We use Jenkins in house to promote quality standards and provide instant feedback to the development and QA teams. It helps us minimize regressions and improve the reliability of work product while delivering rapid feature enhancements over compressed development timelines.

Issue Tracking

As a client, you’ll receive a dedicated login for our internal Help Desk software. In this system, you can report defects you found during testing as well as ideas for future functional enhancements. This system is tied directly into our project management platform so that we can create work items from the requests you submit and provide real-time status updates on where they stand.

If you find the process cumbersome, just email our QA manager and he’ll manage it for you. Let us handle the complexity.