A Client For Life Attitude Keeps the Long Term Partnership in Focus

To be effective in our role as technology experts, we strive to understand your business domain. We look to know the business challenges that are driving the discussion, from where you’ve been to where you’re going, so that we can accurately anticipate your needs and future business goals.

Projects come in various sizes and can change as initiatives evolve. As a development partner, we bring capacity when there’s demand and flexibility when there’s obstacles.


The paramount attribute of a successful relationship is communication. It ensures that both parties are aligned on expectations and making progress toward the long term focus.

Learning your business goals is our first objective of a given project. Through conversation with various stakeholders, we collect requirements and classify them as current or future objective. This informal list remains fluid through the engagement and serves as a roadmap against which progress and status can be measured.

During development, regular meetings are held to convey status of progress and collaborate on implementation details. With this level of engagement, you’ll feel the confidence necessary to measure progress against timelines and business goals.


Every project begins in discovery with a meeting around high level requirements and short and long term business objectives. We consult with the project stakeholders and ask exploratory questions that are designed to identify complexities and establish priorities. One or more exploration phase(s) may accompany this stage where further analysis is necessary to uncover missing or unknown requirements.

Once the scope is fully realized, we work very closely with you to break down the complexity into manageable and measurable iterations and milestones. These stages may represent full-cycles releases or iterative passes, depending on the project’s maturity and business needs. As development progresses, you have complete visibility into the process to ensure the final output is meeting the agreed upon objectives.


During a project’s evolution, it is common to accumulate a backlog of additional requirements and “nice-to-haves”. You’ll find peace of mind in knowing that someone is managing and tracking this list of items in addition to technology trends and tools that can positively impact your solution over the long term.