Overview and Vision

Gavant Software is a full service developer of custom web and mobile technology solutions. Our clients leverage us to achieve sales growth and operational efficiency, from strategic direction to measurable results. We service a broad range of industries providing web and mobile apps that streamline workflows, integrate multiple systems and services, and improve reporting and business intelligence.

Since 2002 Gavant Software has delivered on its vision that business drives technology and technology solutions must adapt to an ever-changing business climate. That’s why our team uses proven tools and technologies and practices an Agile approach to software development. Our clients view us as true partners.

Core values

Provide value… Our clients’ business needs drive their technology needs. We must be flexible and do more with less.

Earn client loyalty… Client loyalty and trust is key to our success. We are a relationship business. Set and exceed expectations at every step.

Be an expert… Don’t know that it works, know why it works. Inspire confidence and admiration by expanding your knowledge.

Demand the highest quality… Defects are not acceptable. Everything we build is a reflection of the organization. Be rigorous and get it right.

Deliver the product… Figure it out, ship it and iterate. Stick to the budget and timeline. Perfect is good. Done is better.

Support the team… Communicate openly and transparently. Foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability.